Create a belief system ​that supports your Desires & Wishes With PSYCH-K®

Are you wanting to make changes in your life but just can't seem to make them happen?  Do you want a healthier lifestyle, increased prosperity, more confidence, better relationships, a successful career or you just want to be happier.  Your subconscious beliefs could be getting in the way of you achieving what you want.  Using techniques from PSYCH-K® ​we can easily work through old belief patterns and create more self-enhancing beliefs that can have a positive effect on your quality of life. Make the change now! 

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Reach out t​o Someone in Ne​ed

At any time in o​ur life we may experience struggles and difficulties that we can't seem to find a way out.  Do you know of someone that could use a little help right now?  PSYCH-K® works with the mind and can help with changing the mindset from negative to positive and Energy Healing can bring scattered energies back in balance so you are more relaxed and centred and can therefore make decisions more easily. 


A gift of a session could change a life.

Balance Your Mind Body & Soul

Everything in the universe is made up of electromagnetic energy, vibrations and frequencies including our bodies.  Due to events that happen in our lives our bodies can take on negative emotions and stress that cause the flowing energy to become sluggish or out of balance.  Through simple, relaxing techniques we can move this energy to bring the body back into a balanced state.  Energy healing can be a powerful way to improve your health and your life.  Allow the Divine Energy to flow through your Mind, Body & Soul to create balance and harmony for greater health and wellbeing.

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Welcome to PURE MIND BALANCE, my name is Debbie Newman, I am a PSYCH_K® Facilitator an Energy Healer and a Reiki practioner, using several forms of vibrational and Spiritual Healing. I offer modalities that can greatly improve your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, often with just one session. My passion is working with people and to help them bring about positive changes so they can live life to their greatest potential. PSYCH-K®, Reiki and vibrational healing has greatly changed my life and they can change yours too.

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Rewrite Your Mind

"The 'secret to life' is belief, rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives.  PSYCH-K® is a set of simple self-empowering techniques to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level"

- Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. author of

The Biology of Belief & The Honeymoon Effect


"I wanted to let you know that I think you're amazing. A week on from our session, which I felt the benefits of the work immediately ... I am still benefitting from it immensely. Everyday has been a joy to live in my mind. I definitely feel that we achieved everything on our list.

Thank you very much! You helped me make a huge impact in my life for which I'm very grateful for. I actually like myself as 'me' for the first time in my life and I feel so much calmer and at peace. Thank you! so glad that I've found you."  

- May Y (Greater Sydney) 


"I have had an incredible experience with Debbie after having multiple healing sessions with her. I felt comfortable, safe and trusted in the healing sessions and was left with a sense of peace and joy after each session. Debbie is helping me move forward in life when I've had a huge blockage. I highly recommend Debbie and her services."

- Jess G (Gawler)


"Debbie was such a big help for me when I was in a very bad way. The difference she has made to my life was incredible. Debbie has such a passion for, not only her work but also for those she works on. I cannot thank her enough."

- Gae R (Enfield)


I enjoyed my session with Debbie very much. She has a natural friendly and welcoming demeanour which immediately put me at ease. One of my problems I wished to address was my difficulty in getting myself out for a walk for the purposes of regular exercise. Well something must have changed because I have been walking every day ever since with no hesitation. Something has definitely shifted as prior to our session I have usually walked one day and not at all for the remainder of the week. To anyone needing help with persistent issues that just won’t go away I would highly recommend trying Psych K. It is fast, easy and gentle. Thank you Debbie.

Debbie R