My name is Debbie Newman, I am a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Reiki practioner and an Energy Healer, using several forms of vibrational and Spiritual Healing.  Working from my home in Plympton (Adelaide), South Australia, I offer modalities that can greatly improve your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, often with just one session.

While growing up on a farm in the Adelaide Hills, I was exposed to the beauty and energy of nature, often going off by myself to sit in the green grass by a stream and enjoy the peaceful sounds. I now know how important it is to get out in nature and how valuable it is for us to be grounded. Just this simple practice can help with any stress, anxiety or depression.

Through life’s events, I was awakened to spirituality over 25 years ago and realised that there is more to life on this earth and that we are here for a reason. I believe we have a Divine pathway that we have come here to experience and grow but we also have choices on the road we take, sometimes taking us off course. This brings us to many different challenges in life.

My path has led me to various workshops and courses, all to healing the mind, body and soul. In these exciting times, new research and new discoveries has led more and more people turn to mind body energy healing.

My passion is working with people and to help them bring about positive changes so they can live life to their greatest potential.

At PURE MIND BALANCE I believe that our physical and energetic body is always working to be in a natural balanced state and by taking care of ourselves by working on our emotional body, physical body and spiritual body we can give it the best environment to heal and be healthy.

PURE -  ​Intent

MIND -  ​Brain, Heart & Energy Centres

BALANCE -  ​For Optimal Wellbeing & Happiness

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