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Relationships - Brea​k-up

Any relationship break-up, whether it be love, best friends or even work can be difficult and can bring an array of emotions and thoughts that can play on our mind. Sometimes the break-up is just recent but other times it is still affecting us many years later.  With PSYCH-K® I have a 3 session package where we can address the emotions that are affecting you. In the first session we will work on the past, the second session will be about the now and the third session will be creating a future. 

PSYCH-K® is a safe and easy way to shift negative beliefs, held in our subconscious from past experiences, to more self-enhancing beliefs.  As we attract what is in our beliefs and thoughts, by shifting this to be more self enhancing, your life will change. 

Session 1 is dealing with the past.  This can bring up an array of emotions that can last us a life time, stored in our subconscious mind ready to come to the surface at any time and may affect other relationships. 
Creating goal statements around releasing, letting go, learning, guilt, being at peace to name just a few.

Some examples - "I now no longer choose to bottle up emotions", "I release past hurts allowing me to have trust in my relationships", "I let go of anger".

Session 2 is dealing with the now and how you are feeling and coping.  Negative emotions can take hold as we start to feel we are not good enough or not worthy.  In this session we will deal with self-love, self-worth, trusting and how you want to feel now. 

Some examples -  "I deserve to be loved", "I am my own person", "I forgive myself".

Session 3 - now is the time to create your future.  We attract our beliefs so now you can be the creator of your world, who do you want to be?  What are your dreams and goals?  Start to reprogram your subconscious mind with goal statements like - "abundance flows into every area of my life", "I deserve happiness in all my relationships", "my life is filled with joy and happiness".

More sessions can be booked if needed.

Session 1 is 1 hour 15 min duration

Session 2 and 3 are 1 hour duration each

Total cost is $350.00 a saving of $70