PSYCH-K® is a user-friendly way to change limiting subconscious beliefs, from a lifetime of ‘programming’, into beliefs that support you in any area of your life.​​

Do you ever wonder where y​ou​ are going in your life? Do y​ou have inspirations and dreams but just can’t seem to make them happen, does life seem a struggle at times or are you triggered by past experiences?

Do you find that you are anxious or stressed, have relationship problems, wanting a healthier lifestyle or you just can’t find that ‘happy place’? The list could go on and on as we look for something to help make us happier, healthier, more loved, more abundant, the perfect relationships, more confidence and so on.

 Our beliefs become our habits whi​ch create our reality

From the ages of 0 – 7 years we set a foundation of our beliefs which come from the people around us i.e. our parents, our extended family, teachers, carers, religious groups. As we get older, we take on beliefs that we may think about ourselves or what other people say about us which get stored in the subconscious mind. Some of these beliefs will support us but others can have a limiting effect on us and we carry them through our life. One of the most common negative beliefs is 'I am not good enough'.

How Our Mind Works

The Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind, the Superconscious Mind

Much research has been done over many years on what has come to be called the “brain dominance” theory (also known as split brain research). The findings of this research indicate that each hemisphere of the cerebral cortex tends to specialise in and preside over different functions, process different kinds of information and deal with different kinds of problems. While we have a natural ability to utilize both sides of the cerebral cortex, life experiences often trigger a dominance of one side over the other when responding to specific situations.

The Conscious Mind sets goals, judges results, thinks abstractly and thinks in the past and the future. It has a short-term memory, works on 1 – 3 events at a time and averages 40 bits of information per second.

The Subconscious Mind monitors operation of the body, e.g. heart rate, digestion, motor functions. It thinks literally and knows the world through the five senses. It has a long-term memory (past experiences, attitudes, values and beliefs). It remembers thousands of events at a time and averages 40 million bits of information per second. Studies in neuroscience indicate that 95% of our consciousness operates at the subconscious level.

The Superconscious Mind sees the bigger picture of your life. It helps to ensure that your goals are both safe and appropriate in the context of your life’s purpose.

The Session

As a facilitator of PSYCH-K® we will work on what you would like to change in your life. Then through a simple process, we will create a balanced identification with both hemispheres of the brain (cerebral cortex). This ‘Whole-Brain State’ is ideal for reprogramming the mind with new self-enhancing beliefs. A check is done with the superconscious mind to give us permission that it is in your best interest and is safe and appropriate to make this change at this time. Once we have done a Balance for your goal, we will test to verify that the new belief has been created (using muscle testing) we will then create an action plan to set the new beliefs in the subconscious mind. 

Please note that for any trauma or very stressful memories you will not be required to discuss these but to bring them to mind and once the Balance is complete and you are brought into the 'Whole-Brain State', this will help to release the emotional burden (this may be done with one Balance or you may need a number of Balances).

Why is PSYCH-K® different from continually repeating affirmations

With PSYCH-K® the change is made instantly.  You don't have to keep repeating the statement over and over again. Once the change is made it will last until it is no longer needed.  Depending on the nature of your goal statement will depend on the time frame that you will get results, for example, if the goal statement is 'I am comfortable speaking in front of a crowd' this would be instant but if your goal is to lose weight then this will be done over time.

Benefits of PSYCH-K®

Improves the quality of your life

Gives greater confidence

Releases stress, anxiety and depression

Release emotional pain

Release physical pain

Promotes greater self-esteem

Promotes healthy relationship with self and others

Promotes spiritual growth

Eliminate unhealthy habits and addictions -

(smoking, being overweight)

Stop limiting self-talk

Increase prosperity

Improves sleep

Helps deal with grief and loss

Helps regain trust

Helps move on from relationship break-down

Creates love of self

Release Trauma

Resolves phobias

Creates a positive lifestyle

Better learning or problem solving skills

Creates greater opportunity

Transforms the perception of stress Past, Present and Future

And much more

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Private PSYCH-K® Sessions are -

60 min $135.00

90 min $185.00

Sessions can be in person at my location, by zoom or by phone

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Rob Williams is the originator of PSYCH-K® and is the author of the book PSYCH-K® – The Missing Piece /Peace In Your Life!

For more information on Rob and PSYCH-K® visit https://psych-k.com


The PSYCH-K® process is strictly to the modification of beliefs. It is not designed to diagnose medical problems nor is it a replacement for medical attention or professional mental care.

By Changing Yourself the World Around You Will Change

Personal:  Self-Love, Self-Worth, Personal Power, Grounding, Giving and Receiving, Will Power and Motivation, Manifesting, Transformation, Dreams and Goals, Sport and Fitness, Opportunities, Boundaries and Personal Space, Abundance of Money, Abundance of Love, Confidence and many more.

Emotional:  Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Guilt, Anger, Fear, Shame, Trauma, Pain, Worry, Anxiety, Survival and Instincts, Frustration, Self Worth, Respect, Jealousy, Embarrassment and many more.

Professio​nal:  Career, Sales, Success, Money, Starting a Business, Manifesting, Discipline, Memory, Change, Organisation, Creativity, Communication, Motivation, Learning, Decision Making, Dreams and Goals, Opportunities, Workplace and many more.

Relationships:  Family, Parenting, Communication, Commitment, Giving and Receiving, Letting Go, Releasing Energetic Attachments, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Passion and Romance, Sexuality, Friendship, Understanding and many more.

Health and Body:  Physical Body, Addictions (drugs, food, sex, smoking), Allergies, Internal Body, Disease, Diet and Nutrition, Toxins, Hormones, Fitness, Will Power and Motivation, Acceptance, Well Being and many more.

Spiritual:  God Within, Higher Self, Ego, Past Life, Intuition, Energy Fields, Birth, Death, Miracles, Religion, Divine Love, Spiritual Path and many more.