"I wanted to let you know that I think you're amazing. A week on from our session, which I felt the benefits of the work immediately ... I am still benefitting from it immensely. Everyday has been a joy to live in my mind. I definitely feel that we achieved everything on our list.

Thank you very much! You helped me make a huge impact in my life for which I'm very grateful for. I actually like myself as 'me' for the first time in my life and I feel so much calmer and at peace. Thank you! so glad that I've found you."  

- May Y (zoom session)

"I enjoyed my session with Debbie very much. She has a natural friendly and welcoming demeanour which immediately put me at ease. One of my problems I wished to address was my difficulty in getting myself out for a walk for the purposes of regular exercise. Well something must have changed because I have been walking every day ever since with no hesitation. Something has definitely shifted as prior to our session I have usually walked one day and not at all for the remainder of the week. To anyone needing help with persistent issues that just won’t go away I would highly recommend trying Psych K. It is fast, easy and gentle. Thank you Debbie".
- Debbie R

"Another wonderful session with Debbie. We worked on my persistent longstanding weight issues. My iss​ue was I could follow a weight loss regime perfectly al​l day but after the evening meal it would “all go to hell in a handb​ag”. Since our session I have been feeling “full and satisfied” (my positive affirmation) in the evenin​gs without getting the munchies. A little unexpected twist is getting the unusual urge to drink more water instead of a cuppa. This is good news as I have also struggled with being adequately hydrated.  Debbie is a warm and caring person who provides a safe space and nonjudgmental approach.  I highly recommend that everyone try Psych-K at least once – you have nothing to lose but your troubles and Debbie knows her stuff".

- Debbie R

"I have had an incredible experience with Debbie after having multiple healing sessions with her. I felt comfortable, safe and trusted in the healing sessions and was left with a sense of peace and joy after each session. Debbie is helping me move forward in life when I've had a huge blockage. I highly recommend Debbie and her services."

- Jess G 

"Debbie was such a big help for me when I was in a very bad way. The difference she has made to my life was incredible. Debbie has such a passion for, not only her work but also for those she works on. I cannot thank her enough."

- Gae R